In heavy music, it's often definitely right and good to describe something as "vile spew" or "caustic, flesh-eating noise" -- whereas most would-be listeners would raise an eyebrow, those who relish in the lavish gore of extreme metal will have their interests piqued. So, let me tell you about Romasa's latest release, the Insufferable Cave of Rotting Aspiration EP: it is spew most vile, noise most caustic and flesh-eating, and it kicks your goddamn ass. For this reason, I am stoked beyond belief to bring you an early full stream of the whole thing.

Romasa bring a crusty death metal influence to their sludge framework, and here on this EP, the band is as lucid as they've ever been. Aside from upticks in production and overall songwriting, the "claw" or bite of these three songs rests on hooks -- big motherfucking juicy ones -- that the band then utilizes to lead you into a swamp of knives. The Insufferable Cave of Rotting Aspiration EP is by no means easy listening, but it doesn't venture into absolute abstraction where listening becomes more of a question rather than a desire.

Nope. Romasa belts out their jams sans pretense. This just goes, and it goes until it stops. Happy Wednesday, y'all.



Insufferable Cave of Rotting Aspiration releases this Friday, October 30th, via Hand of Death Records.

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