At first Romans’ name had me fearing yet another Botch rip-off. But while math meters and spiraling dissonance are present, the band’s sound also spans melodic post-hardcore and atmospheric metal. The caustic riffs here contrast nicely with dreamy, wide-eyed textures. Romans would be equally at home on Blackmarket Activities, Hydra Head, and Crucial Blast (labels, take note!). In fact, some of the reverbed, Americana-ish tones recall Crucial Blast band Souvenir’s Young America.

All Those Wrists
Carve Up and Give Away

All Those Wrists (self-released, 2007) is this Burlington, VT band’s DIY debut. At under 24 minutes, it’s more of an EP than a full-length. Brevity is a virtue, though, and leaving me wanting more is a good thing. The track sequencing is incredibly seamless. In fact, the band chopped up passages into separate tracks when it could easily have left them together and called them one track. Thus, this release feels like it has fewer than its 12 tracks. The recording is crisp and punchy, with gnawing guitars and round bass tones.

My only complaint with this disc is that it’s too short. I’ve listened to it many times, and it hasn’t lost any luster. Those of you who dug that Aussitôt Mort I posted a few days ago should check this out. To pick up this disc, contact the band via its MySpace.