Roadburn Festival, a four-day festival based in Tilburg, have announced their final lineup, adding Buried At Sea, Inverloch, and Mirrors For Psychic Warfare, along with a pre-festival performance by Jucifer, to round out a bill that features Neurosis, Paradise Lost, Converge, and Pentagram.

All of these acts fit in well with the festival’s emphasis on the slower end of the metal spectrum. Buried At Sea, who haven’t put out a new album since 2003’s Migration, and Inverloch, a band consisting of former members of Disembowelment, also fit with this year’s reverence towards the past, as the festival also prominently features full-album performances and career spanning sets from seven different bands, including the four headliners mentioned above. The festival is anchored by two performances from Neurosis, who are in the midst of celebrating their 30th anniversary with Strength & Vision, a comprehensive box set of their entire discography, and are preparing to release a new album sometime later this year. On top of these two shows, Neurosis singers Scott Kelly and Steve Von Till will both be performing sets of their solo material. Mirrors For Psychic Warfare, itself a Kelly side project, make perfect sense in this Neurosis-centric context.

Outside of these veteran acts, the lineup also includes performances from younger bands like The Body, Lychgate, Misþyrming, and Blood Ceremony along non-metal but metal-friendly artist Diamanda Galas.

The festival’s full lineup can be found at its website HERE. You can also read Invisible Orange’s covered of Roadburn 2015 HERE.

—Ian Cory


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