Drummer Gerhardt “Jerry” Fuchs died yesterday after accidentally falling down an elevator shaft. (Full story here.) Only a few days ago, I was enjoying this video of Joe Walker, of Philadelphia’s Breakfast at Sulimay’s web TV show, interviewing Fuchs and his band Maserati. Fuchs and his mustache seemed so alive. I also recently got Maserati’s new album, Passages (Temporary Residence, 2009). What I’ve heard so far has been great. Names like Zombi (whose Steve Moore contributes a remix to Passages), Russian Circles, Pink Floyd, and Bono-less U2 come to mind. Fuchs’ drumming had a groove and energy few drummers could match. Perhaps the best tribute to him is the above video, which I learned about through a reader of this site. Rest in peace, Jerry.

– Cosmo Lee

Maserati – Monoliths (excerpt)