Ringworm at The Acheron in March, Keith Marlowe


Ringworm headlined a ripping show last night at Saint Vitus in Brooklyn with support from Howl, Call of the Void and Noisem. It was a fun show start to finish—from Noisem's energetic and raucous thrash to Ringworm's gruff hardcore. Ringworm brought the place down, and made an announcement that we would like to reiterate here: Ringworm will be the aforementioned "Special Guest" at our IO CMJ Showcase on 10/17 at Saint Vitus in NYC with Pelican, Primitive Man, Aksumite and HASJ. That night is going to be epic—the mighty Pelican, Aksumite's first ever show, and the general asskickery of Primitive Man, HASJ and Ringworm should fill your metal quota for the week, or, hell, the month. BUT! If you can't make that night, we are hosting a second night at Saint Vitus the very next day (10/18) with Pelican, Sannhet, Kings Destroy, Wreck & Reference, Phantom Glue, and our good friends Pyrhhon, who just inked a deal with Relapse. We hope to see you there.

Tickets to both nights are still available. They look like this:

IO CMJ Showcase
Primitive Man

Kings Destroy
Wreck & Reference
Phantom Glue

— Wyatt Marshall


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