Thrash metal staples Ringworm played Saint Vitus on Thursday, October 6 with special guests Noisem and Exalt.

The venue was slow to fill, with even diehards catching only the tail end of Exalt’s early set, this reporter included. Turnout for Noisem was thin, which was a shame because they were fantastic and played several tracks off their highly acclaimed 2015 album Blossoming Decay.

Ringworm took the stage without ceremony, kicking straight into “The Sickness” and “Amputee” before addressing concertgoers.

“You’re out on a school night? In New York?” Frontman James “Human Furnace” Bulloch goaded, “...Fuckin’ dropouts and freaks. Cool.”

The room had filled up respectably by the end of “Take Back What’s Ours” (Birth is Pain, 2001) after which Furnace joked at those cheering, “Thanks. That’s a bunch of old songs. Later on when you say we don’t play any old songs, we’ll tell you you’re fuckin’ full of shit.”

The 20-plus song setlist evenly represented their massive catalogue, from The Promise (“Sideshow”, “The Promise”) to this year’s, Snake Church (“Snake Church”, “Brotherhood of the Midnight Sun”). They played almost non-stop, breaking only long enough for Furnace to flick his tongue characteristically and excessively at those in the front, and to politely dismiss the banter of their sole heckler, an Australian guy who’s protests of “Play something new! No one cares about the old songs!” were met with an “Well, we’re just gonna play a whole bunch of old songs now.”

They played “Necropolis” and “Urine” to the delight of their devotees before declaring, laughing and defiant “See? Some people give a shit about those songs.”

The show ended strong on “Hellbound” and encored with “Dollar Whore”. On the whole, between Exalt’s passion, Noisem’s ability to effortlessly live up to their hype, and Ringworm’s two hours of theatrical, patient professionalism, it’s fair to say the evening’s lineup gave the room more than it deserved.






Ringworm is currently on the west coast leg of their US tour with Exalt.

Oct 14th - Vancouver, BC @ The Astoria
Oct 15th - Portland, OR @ The Panic Room
Oct 16th - Santa Cruz, CA @ The Catalyst Atrium
Oct 18th - Los Angeles, CA @ The Echo
Oct 19th - San Diego, CA @ Brick By Brick
Oct 21st - Dallas, TX @ So What? Festival
Oct 22nd - Austin, TX @ Texas Revolution Fest
Oct 24th - St. Louis, MO @ Fubar
Oct 25th - Cincinnati, OH @ Northside Yacht Club


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