Ringworm at Acheron, Jan 2013 (more by Keith Marlowe)

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Cleveland crossover band Ringworm are not only touring again,they’re recording again. The band have completed work on a limited edition three-song 10-inch EP that is currently available for pre-order. Ringworm’s new EP, Bleed, um, erupts on September 17 via Relapse.

Ringworm, the band, erupted in Cleveland, Ohio, in 1991 from Cleveland, where the local hardcore scene quickly expanded to cover much of the northeast. Their first recording, The Promise dropped in 1993 and the band was later sidelined by line up changes and lack of inertia.

But, the infection is back, and the band will hit the road for two weeks this fall with label-mates Howl and Call of the Void. Just like their music, this tour is relentless: a different show in a different state every night. Two shows are planned prior to the tour--Ringworm will appear in Baltimore, Maryland (at the A389 Summer Extermination), and in Erie, Pennsylvania.

Vanessa Salvia

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August 16 Baltimore, Maryland A389 Summer Extermination at The Ottobar
September 30 Erie, Pennsylvania at Transmissions
October 1 Albany, New York at Bogies*
October 2 Boston, Massachusetts at Great Scott*
October 3 Brooklyn, New York at Saint Vitus (also with Noisem)*
October 4 Wilmington, Delaware at Delaware Death Fest*
October 5 Greensboro, North Carolina at Greene St.*
October 6 Atlanta, Georgia at Earl's*
October 7 Metairie, Louisiana at Cypress*
October 8 Little Rock, Arkansas at Downtown Music*
October 9 Nashville, Tennessee at The End*
October 10 Indianapolis, Indiana at Indy's Jukebox*
October 11 Detroit, Michigan at The Shelter*
October 12 Akron, Ohio at Annabells Lounge*
* with Howl and Call of the Void

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