If you’re looking for war, Rimfrost will provide the soundtrack. As for revolution? Not so much. Their take on black metal doubles down a particularly potent permutation of the style that exploded in the late 90’s. Or, to be more succinct, they sound an awful lot like Immortal. There are some differences, such as a bit more midrange snarl in the guitar tone, but mostly these riffs are as frostbitten as they come. The upshot is, they’re as adept at the style as their forebears, and on their new, self-titled album, they add enough burly death metal punch, particularly in the drum department, to make their album a riveting listen all the way through. It’s not a curveball, it’s not even taking the ball down the field, but it merits a victory dance anyway, particularly for the last two songs on this album, “Witches Hammer” and “Frostlaid Skies.” Stream Rimfrost in its entirety and below, and peruse through these liner notes provided by drummer Fredrik “Throllv Väeshiin“ Hänninen and guitarist-vocalist Sebastian”Hravn Decmiester” Svedlund



Liner Notes

“As the Silver Curtain Closes”
“As the Silver Curtain Closes” was completed already around 2012, and a demo version was recorded together with "Witches Hammer" and "Frostlaid Skies". This demo was only sent to record labels. - Hänninen

“Saga North”
“Saga North” has a main riff going throughout the song, and the variations in the song are mostly done by the bass, to create different atmospheres and feelings. This is a new way of writing songs for us. The bass guitar never had such a big role in the band before.- Hänninen

“Beyond The Mountains Of Rime”
This song was put together in the rehearsal one afternoon in early 2014. I was waiting for Throllv (he was running late that time) and I was a bit grumpy. He showed me this album by Demonaz to cheer me up. I told him that it was some good stuff, and to shut up and get behind the drumkit...Haha. Then I just hit some chords, and did some cool rhythm fills in between. He blasted away and all of the sudden we had our own song to bang our heads to! I think this is one of the fastest songs in its writing process in our history yet.-Svedlund

“Dark Prophecies”
This is the track that just popped out from the rest of the album. It has very much heavy metal influences, and the working title was actually "Metallica" (the third riff in it sounds like the typical Metallica chugging). A different way to write a song, and a new way for me to write lyrics in. I would say we stepped out of the "Black Metal box" and did something new and fresh. And it turned out to be fucking good! You can also sense some King Diamond in the lyrics…-Svedlund

“Ragnarök” starts out with a epic and melancholic melody created by bass and guitars. The song was from the start loosely discussed to be sent to the Swedish Eurovision contest. But as the song was finished it turned out to be too long.- Hänninen

Another song that we created during an adrenaline filled night in the (un)holy rehearsal room! That is the way me and Throllv interact best. We were just jamming and suddenly we had it, the riff that made us just flow and want to crush the floor with our feet, going to the beat and rhythm of it. This is a song that is about seeing your own cold body from an out-of-body perspective. A kind of reminder that someday, no matter what you do or say, you will end up dead. What if you would see your own shell, just laying there as a cold stick? What would you feel? Listen to the song and find out what I would…-Svedlund

“Witches Hammer”
This one is the oldest song, along with "Frostlaid Skies,” on the album. It was written in 2009 or something. And has been a strong follower at our rehearsals throughout the years. We recorded a music video with this song in 2012, just to let our fans know that we had not died away. Haha! This is my personal all time favorite, and I think this track will be one of those songs that we will always have with us live. It is filled with energy and power. The idea of the song came from the historic events in the 17th Century, with the witch burnings and the hysteria that surrounded this period in time. It also has another meaning, not only the horrific facts that religion has been responsible for--and fucking still is today, in the 21th Century. Say Amen and I´ll say "May the force be with you" because that is also fiction… Haha! But it is also a salute to all the women throughout history and in the present day. Even the meanest bad ass will go weak and soft in front of the only true woman that matters, his own mother. Haha! Something has gone terribly wrong in history, and the respect for the other gender has vanished. I am no fucking feminist, but I am a real man, and think some old fucking fashioned respect should be in its place. So, women out there, I salute you, you are the best things walking this earth… Let's burn all down with listening to this bad ass track!-Svedlund

“Frostlaid Skies”
“Frostlaid Skies” is a grandiose finale to the album, in just the way we like to end the albums. The song contains the lyrics "end of all worlds,” which was the intended album title back in 2012, when the song was written. - Hänninen


Rimfrost is out on March 25th via Non Serviam Records. Follow Rimfrost on Facebook and on twitter at @Rimfrostmetal.


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