While not precisely a metal band, Danish instrumentalists Town Portal fit in nicely with the metal demographic as a heavier version of most post-rock and a lighter version of most post-metal, reminding me of the criminally underrated Cancer Conspiracy, coupled with a combination of both Russian Circles and Shellac.

In some respects, they sound fashioned from the Temporary Residence label from a decade ago. Yet, as that scene has slowly dissolved, bands like Town Portal carry the touch of fantastic instrumental rock that features both serious chops and phenomenal songwriting. Throughout Chronopoly, they excel in seamlessly developing musical themes over the course of a song without drawing unnecessary attention to the process–a misleadingly difficult task. This refined approach steers the listener on an enjoyable ride that aims for pleasurable sounds, rather than extremes. On an album full of gems, “Uncle Genie” is my personal Chronopoly favorite.

Here’s some great live footage as a bonus:

TOWN PORTAL - Rosini (live)

-Aaron Maltz


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