There’s a certain level of perfection that’s demanded from bizarre, genre-bending music. Any level of flaws tends to mean the entire project falling apart; holes in the veil turn an experience into a chore, and very little genuinely strange stuff works within the metal framework.

Reveal! don’t care about that. They’re talented enough to have carried three albums before now without any strain, their music coming across not as the genuinely chaotic mismatch of sounds that it is and more as a channeling of something more pure—an alternate historical path to develop extreme metal in the first place, or a group of strange beasts attempting to put their own indecipherable slant onto a genre played by mere mortals.

However they approach the actual songwriting, a shocking blend of styles come together rooted in black metal to form a single cohesive duo on the band’s upcoming fourth album, Doppelherz. Songs range from ritualistic and mesmerizing to frantic, sometimes showing off a penchant for melancholy and sometimes leaning into such aggression and musicianship as to be mistaken in segments for technical thrash. The song you’re about to hear today, "Clearly, God Damn" is one of those that bends convention and genres the most on Doppelherz, ranging from those crazy almost Voivod-ish sections of insanity to smooth beautiful leadwork and moody contemplation effortlessly. See below for an exclusive stream of "Clearly, God Damn" and get excited for the whole thing.



From the artist:

A song to force the realization
That you´ve forgotten your name
Your real name
My real name
It sits high atop the fire place
Looks like burnt up storage space
Gazing down at us
On the glory floor
In battlefield gore
A hard place
All doors shut
All doors locked
A maze to death
We live in slow motion
So with the heart as a tool
Some become monsters
Now horrible
How horrible
Some become nothing


Doppelherz releases December 10th on Sepulchral Voice Records.

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