New metallic entity Receiver come to us straight from Cyprus – their take on epic heavy metal is a welcome sight from the Mediterranean. Their debut album Whispers of Lore features soaring guitars, galloping drums and some powerful vocals courtesy of front woman Nikoletta Kyprianou, giving the whole album the sound of epic warfare. It straddles the line with what might be considered power metal but never fully crosses over to that either. Straying away from piercing vocals as epic heavy metal often includes, Kyprianou’s vocals instead opt for a more traditional approach that sees her joined by her bandmates in chorus at points. Alongside, the dual guitars of Charalambos Vassiliou and Andreas Kyriacou swoop in and out, weaving this tapestry together with traditional metal and marvelous melody.

Kyprianou is also responsible for the album’s artwork which joins two of the album’s tracks; the title track and “Prowess and Decay” as they attempt to make sense of the human condition and the reasons behind war. Today we have the opportunity to stream this whole album a few days early, so go ahead and dive right into this Cypriot chaos.

Whispers of Lore releases November 10th via Gates of Hell Records.