Grindcore is among the most frantic and frenzied of music genres. It’s intentionally disorientating, and designed as a blitzkrieg assault on the senses that conveys rage and frustration with deep honesty and feeling. It’s the musical expression of seeing red—the moment that someone finally snaps. This has been utilized by the genre to convey intense anger towards social and political structures, but also to express deep frustration regarding personal issues, with the aim of achieving some sort of catharsis.

Razoreater’s newest track “One Last Nail” falls into the latter camp. “If you read it literally, it’s about someone having a breakdown and murdering as an act of revenge” explains Razoreater vocalist Mors. “But, if you read between the lines, it’s about letting go of your past actions or a hurtful relationship and burying them.” Hailing from Peterborough, UK, Razoreater are celebrating their tenth anniversary in 2021, and are gearing up to release the Purgatory EP, their first release in five years. Ahead of the EP’s release, they’ve collaborated with Chariot Of Black Moth to create a wild and disturbing video for “One Last Nail”.


A warning from the creators: this video contains strobe lights and images viewers may find disturbing.


Even when contextualised by the gory grind canon, “One Last Nail”s video stands out as especially brutal. While the narrative is (intentionally) hard to discern, its frantic, flickering cinematography uses bloody, grotesque and abstract imagery to portray some sort of hellish underground torture chamber. Inspired by Silent Hill, Martyrs and Un Chien Andalou, this expressionist nightmare-scape is not for the faint of heart.

Purgatory lands on 24th of September, via the Cardiff, Wales-based label FHED. Its seven tracks of urgent ferocity are a thing of violent beauty, and further cements Razoreater’s position as one of the UK’s premier grind acts.

—Tom Morgan


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