Randall Archibald, aka Randy Rampage, has passed away at age 58. He was the founding bassist of Canadian hardcore legends D.O.A., and went on to front the thrash metal band Annihilator. The news broke via the Facebook page for punk documentary Bloodied But Unbowed:

Dear friends,

Tonight sometime after 7pm Randy Rampage left us to reign in the heavens. A punk legend has moved on. And because he shared himself with you, please share a moment and think of Randy Desmond Archibald aka Rampage. We love you Randy.

Randy played on D.O.A.'s firs two albums, Something Better Change and Hardcore '81, before joining Annihilator, which he fronted from 1988 to 1989 and from 1998 to 2000. He sang on their 1989 debut Alice In Hell and on 1999's Criteria for a Black Widow.

Rest in peace, Randy.

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