Live records often get a bad rap, but good ones are a treasure. They offer extra heat, extra energy, and a glimpse into the pumping heart of bands we love doing the thing they love most: bringing their music to the masses. They also fundamentally document the exact point at which they were recorded, offering a unified compilation of a band's work: old songs given new life, and new songs tried out for the first time on a stage. Psychedelic doom troupe Rainbows Are Free are set to unveil their debut live album Heavy Petal Music in June, taken from a recording at a festival in the band's home town of Norman, Oklahoma, and this definitely counts as a good one: it practically hums with energy and life. The band's talents for delivering heavy grooves live are put to good use, captured in a high-fidelity mix that seems to put the listener right up on stage with the band.

Today, we're premiering the track "Like a River We Will Roll," which is pulled from the band's first recording in 2008. It's a laconic, heavy trip with a droning main riff that gradually blossoms into dynamic, psychedelic blues with increasingly fluid playing and powerful fills. Some of the layering and sense of space that the original track had aren't as evident here, just due to the nature of playing live, but it's an easy tradeoff for the massive sense of presence and weight the performance holds. If for whatever reason listening to Rainbows Are Free's studio work didn't convince you of their sublime command of pure, unfiltered heaviness, this live recording goddamn better.



The band adds;

Like A River We Will Roll is an early song off the band’s first ever recording: a self-released EP that came out in 2008 after the band had only been together for a few months. It highlights the bands psychedelic drone and experimental synth influences that have factored into the unique sonic translation of cosmic frequencies that RAF provides to the heavy underground.

Heavy Petal Music releases June 9th via Ripple Music.

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