Maurice "Mories" de Jong's name and presence is synonymous with atmosphere, and in suffocating amounts. Through various meditations on the avant-garde in Gnaw Their Tongues, De Magia Veterum, Cloak of Altering, Aderlating and other various projects, Mories's overall thesis on atmosphere deals in maximums: maximum sound, maximum layering and maximum volume. However, even with a career built on atmosphere and walls of sound, Mories is still, by trade, a musician, and in projects like Pyriphlegethon, his decades of experience shine through with luminous might.

Following 2015's exercise in Hellenic black metal glory, Night of Consecration echoed the dark, triumphant sounds of Varathron, Thou Art Lord and Rotting Christ. An unexpected turn in Mories's discography, but, even as a stylistic meditation, the world was caught off guard by his proficiency as a musician. That being said, Pyriphlegethon truly hits its stride with the more bewitching, spellbound sounds found on The Murky Black of Eternal Night. Heralded by eerie keyboards, this more "frightening" manifestation of Pyriphlegethon bears its teeth and slinks with sinewy guitars and hollow, barbaric rhythm. Akin to early Samael and Manes, the haunting atmospheres here more closely resemble Mories's other works, albeit condensed and pushed through a pinhole.

Iron Bonehead Productions will release Pyriphlegethon's second full-length on Friday, April 14th. Entrance yourself with a full album stream below.


From Mories:

1. You can never go wrong with piano intros is what I learned from Samael demo's.

2. The keys are total greek black metal worship. The drum beat, after the opening riff, is the most basic one can have: bass drum, snare and hi-hat..all at the same time. Learned that from old brazilian black metal.

3. Bells are pretty eerie, is what I learned from ancient black metal/doom-death metal recordings. More so if they toll for the end of mankind..or wait ..that's actually a good thing. Also features some eerie 'theater' organ sounds at the end. Inspired by old horror movie soundtracks.

4. The riffs in this one are almost death metal (in a 'sloppy lo-fi eighties underground band' way). Probably the most brutal track on this album. Brutality is never the aim though..atmosphere is.

5. Total demo-era Samael worship. A slow funeral crawl..some simple chords. Maximum effect.

6. I'm a big fan of old school 'mummy, egyptian curse' type movies. This is a small homage.

7. The riffs and structure are almost early thrash/speed-metal (like the first slayer album). I like the catchy-ness of this one

8. Mid-tempo stomper. Pretty eerie keyboards in this one.

9. You can never go wrong with Under the Sign of the Black Mark Bathory worship. I like the lyrics on this one.

10. These riffs are also pretty early thrash/speed-metal.


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