The last few years have definitely made me a little less sane. I have to imagine that writing and recording two albums, like Germany's Purple Dawn has, is a shortcut to sheer, raving madness, what with the revolving carousel of good news and bad news, lockdowns and openings, and so on and so forth. A little of that seems to have leaked into their upcoming album Peace and Doom Session Vol. II, but in a good way—it further expands their stoner-rock-fueled-doom capabilities into weirder and wider fields. Their tight, rhythmic approach is comfortable tucked into classic stoner grooves, but just as easily throws all of that into disarray. While it doesn't feel intentionally experimental or thrown together, the band packs in a massive amount of riffs that thread an enjoyable route between laconic fuzzy indulgence and hard-edged heavy metal, sure to keep listeners guessing. For a taste of what this release offers, watch a live-in-the-studio performance of "Old Fashioned Black Madness" below.



In fact, Peace & Doom Session Vol. II, was recorded live in the studio, which makes "Old Fashioned Black Madness"' coherent structure, fashioned from multiple build-ups and breakdowns, extra impressive. The band locks in for the whole track and stays that way, with drummer Florian Geiling careful to match little details like doubled-up rhythmic hits in a riff. The song's slippery hook does indeed feel a little insane, and the band's insistence on constantly introducing new motifs throughout the song even more so. That's all right, though—this is a madness to welcome, not fear.

The band comments:

History repeats and repeats and repeats itself. And with every repetition and every cycle, we all, that we’re living on this planet earth, must face that this world seems to be made to disenchant and deceive and to sow disillusion and grief into the people’s minds. Some of us are just waiting for something or someone to show us a way and hanging on in quiet desperation. Some of us are fighting a lifelong battle against ourselves. And some of us take our Old Fashioned Black Madness and create and find something to love, something to live for, and, in the end, maybe something to die for.

‘Old Fashioned Black Madness’ is the newest single out of the upcoming ‘Peace & Doom Session Vol. II,’ the second chapter of the PEACE & DOOM SESSION series. This time, Purple Dawn come down with a whiff of those 70s Classic Rock vibes, again showing their love for great hooks and melodies and throwing in all their passion and keenness to forge heavy riffs for days.



Peace & Doom Session Vol. II releases March 11th, 2022 via Electric Valley Records.

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