Maybe I need to see a psychiatrist. I've always been the kind that laughs hysterically, and very inappropriately, at the most gruesome scene in a twisted horror movie. The more vile the scenario is, the stronger my reaction. Its probably rooted in a nervous laughter, but maybe I seriously need my head checked.

Similarly, I've always had that reaction to the live of show of theatrical death metal crew Portal. Clad in executioners masks and dressed like the pope, this crew rips through the most fiendish of Incantation-style, atonal DM without breaking character. It's harrowing and, to me, hilarious. But mostly frightening.

Now the Aussie crew Portal is back with a new LP Vexovoid, the follow-up to their frightening Swarth. The recorded material is definitely no laughing matter; check out a pair of tracks in "Curtain" and "The Back Wards", available at NPR.

Portal - Glumurphonel (Live at The Hifi, Sydney) - 12th January 2013

-Fred Pessaro


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