When Australian black/death metal eccentrics Ploughshare started to feel mired in their current sound, they decided to take action, eschewing all thoughts of 'comfort zones' and genre traditions. No, they chose to get even weirder, resulting in the exceptionally abrasive new album Ingested Burial Ground. Avoiding traditional guitar-based instrumentation, the album stitches together dream-like textures with pure nightmare fuel: barraging blast beats and harsh atonal noise. Navigating between hypnotic weirdness and aural exfoliation, the band uses their new palette to create intense aural pressure and sculpt a broken, harrowing landscape. Stream the album here before it releases on Friday.



At times feeling like dreamy, concrete-entombed post-punk and at others punishing drone, it's the uncanny balance between pleasant and uncomfortable sounds that defines Ingested Burial Ground. The ringing synth intro to "An Uneasy Dread Rose" could almost pass for an intriguing pad, but the song's evolution twists it into a mocking nightmare to herald the devastation soon to come.

The record also comes with a set of remixes as a second half, offering listeners a second trip through the wastelands that's more jagged and jaw-dropping than before.

The band comments:

Ingested Burial Ground develops aspects of Ploughshare’s sound we’d only briefly explored in other releases. It draws on a wide array of influences and themes that we felt were best expressed through different instrumentation and composition. Above all else, we sought to force something new to happen by deliberately undoing our song writing and compositional habits. At the same time, the result had to be coherent and it had to advance and open new possibilities for us to pursue in the future. Pushing for new ways of working wasn’t done out of desperation, or a sense of stagnation with our regular configuration and guitar-based approach, but rather of out of a curiosity with what might be possible given a fundamentally different set of tools. In this pursuit, collaborating with friends and artists we admire was vital. We consider Ingested Burial Ground a continuation of previous efforts and a pathway to further explorations.


Ingested Burial Ground releases December 8th via Brilliant Emperor Records.

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