Pig Destroyer at Gwar-B-Q (more by Josh Sisk)


The Pig Destroyer / Dysrhythmia / Trenchgrinder / Mother Brain show we're co-presenting with Red Bull at Brooklyn's Saint Vitus Bar is happening tomorrow, and by the way Dave Hill is hosting. We are extremely excited (and not just because of all that caffeine).

There's been some confusion about the ticket/entry situation with this show, so let's go over it:

The show is entirely first-come, first-served. No tickets have been sold yet; they're all being sold at the door.

An RSVP does NOT guarantee you entry. If you were one of the first 150 people who RSVPed, then great! When you show up at the door, you'll only be charged $3 instead of $10. But either way, you still need to show up before Saint Vitus fills to its 220-person capacity if you want to get inside.

Doors are at 6. Mother Brain will start at 8, but if you want to get in, show up early.

Once the show is full, it's full. You will not be able beg, plead, cajole, bribe, coerce, or threaten your way inside. SO SHOW UP EARLY.

That does it. See you tomorrow (EARLY); I'll be DJing between bands. Refresh yourself on the live lineup's recent music below.

— Doug Moore



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