Persistence in Mourning has the crunch for minimalist funeral doom. Oklahoma’s one-man project usually strikes emotion through a slow-trekked formula. The solemn march proceeds with few chord changes, carrying heavier weight each second. Callous electronics add an innovative touch. This rawness is surprisingly well-contained in his previous releases. But The Undead Shall Rise (At War with False Noise, 2009) plays differently. Andy Lippoldt wastes time he can’t afford to miss. Tweaking with a genre already notorious for its long-windedness, Lippoldt squanders good talent in the first four tracks.

The New Beginning (excerpt)
Suicide as Art (excerpt)

The LP divides idle nonsense from constructive art with each side. The first three tracks would serve well as a two-minute introduction. Even with help from three guest appearances, including Ganzmord on vocals, the gusto is not quite there. Forget the first half where messy transitions go nowhere. Side two launches the full action with “The New Beginning.” The title exemplifies the concept of The Undead Shall Rise. Lippoldt shows the transition from man to beast as he turns werewolf from one bite. The bloodstained insert warns of lusting beasts awaiting human bait inside “the Cabin.” “Suicide Art” completes the album in repetitive and harsh silence. Revolving notes sound as beasts lick bloody fingers, returning to dark covens before sunrise. Vinyl was a wise choice for this release, as the last rotation leaves a haunting hum in the air.

– Jess Blumensheid

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