Seven years ago, Persistence in Mourning was slated to be the next big thing in the funereal death/doom metal underground. The prolific-but-still-quality solo project of one Andy Lippoldt (also of RL:ZZ and Winters in Osaka) boasted splits with the likes of Worship, Vomir, Aarni, and more -- Persistence in Mourning's conquering of the underground was swift and calculated, and with the chops to prove it. This was experimental, heavy music -- an apocalyptic and mournful display which reverberated within the underground.

But then, and very suddenly, Lippoldt's brainchild disappeared. For seven years, the music world did not hear from Persistence in Mourning. Lippoldt whispered of activity, but, alas, seven long years went by without any concrete news… until now.

Dying in the Darkness, the third official Persistence in Mourning full-length album, picks up right where the project left off. This is crushing, minimal music with an emphasis on psychedelic texture and atmospheres which reflect the near-"end times" in which we live. Listen to an exclusive stream of "Here. On This Grey Earth." below.


Dying in the Darkness releases September 1st on Dying Sun Records.


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