INTRCPTR is a new instrumental rock duo with members of two well-respected instrumental rock bands: drummer Larry Herweg of Pelican and guitarist Ben Carr of 5ive (the Boston band, not the British boy band). Their debut album, I, comes out on July 21 via Magic Bullet Records (pre-order), and we're premiering "Sandstorms" off the album. If you dig Pelican and/or 5ive, you're almost definitely gonna like this too. Like both of those bands, "Sandstorms" has crisp sludge riffs and really knows how to keep your attention without any words. Speaking about the song, the band tells us: "I was driving through the desert, 115 degrees out, I saw what looked to be a small swarm of bees hanging low on the road ahead, while plowing through it, at 90 miles per hour, it blinded me; Turns out It was a sandstorm."

Listen, and check out the album tracklist and two live videos, below. INTRCPTR's only upcoming live show at the moment is a release show in LA opening for The Life and Times.

1. Nightrider
2. Sandstorm
3. Ruby
4. Turbines
5. Watchmaker

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