Palbearer -- who made at least three of our IO Best of the Decade lists -- have returned in the first (shitty) year of this new decade with Forgotten Days, their fourth LP. Along with the Randall Dunn-produced album, they also released a short "making of" video that you can watch along with the entire album stream below. Vinyl and more on sale at their and Nuclear Blast's site.

Ted reviewed the album in this week's UMR...

Pallbearer continues their role as one of the flagship expressions of doom metal in (somewhat) mainstream metal today, dodging any obvious sub-genre classifications you can toss at it. There's some epic doom involved, sure, but not in the bombastic sense and it's tempered by plenty of other less-pigeonholeable elements. It's loud, rumbling, and it hasn't forgotten its heavy metal roots -- not much to complain about here.

And you can read Andrew Sacher's review (of this album, and the new Undeath) over at BV.

“It’s been inspiring creatively, I think we’ve written so much more material over the past year than ever before,” bass player/songwriter Joseph D. Rowland explains in the first moments of the interview. “We were able to really let some of the lyrics develop earlier in the process than we have in the past. We were able to really focus in on ideas, develop riffs, with lyrical patterns in mind, themes in mind… this time there was so much more opportunity to tightly hone in on those things.”

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