Rarely does music feel this radiantly warm.

When every waking moment feels chilled by chaos -- when the floor beneath and walls around you metallicize and vacuum away your heat -- bands like Ohio duo Osi and the Jupiter are there like little furnaces, small but mighty and determined. From Sean Kratz (vocals, guitars, synths) and Kakophonix (cello) flows just the right amount of stuff: their music echoes the truth of cosmic minimalism while still maintaining a raw human substance. And as much as this music is for voidwalking, it's also for shoegazing; as powerful its triumph so too its moments of retreat.

Their upcoming EP (out Friday but streaming early exclusively below) is called Appalachia, and it feels true to the ether of things, not the material, and not even always the idea of things to begin with. It's a three-song mini-dreamscape, a fringe-blur on your daily reality doubling as a portal to meaningful dirge and the potential for reflection. With your brain split in twain, your attention occupies itself with this music's delicate instrumentation while your emotions run free in whatever headrealm the Appalachia EP puts you in.

In other words, this is delicate, cinematic, and moving folk powered by badass cello playing and synths that can drench the world seven times over in hot syrup, and soaking into it feels so goddamn good indeed.



Appalachia releases this Friday, July 31st, 2020 via Eisenwald.

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