If Cleveland is the front lawn of the Hells Headbangers sleazy blackened thrash and punk manor house, then Detroit is the back yard (and yours truly hails from under the loose floorboards of the rear porch). This week, the biggest and most mange-infested dog in that yard is Motor City thrash outfit Nuke. Featuring guitarist Mike "Tuff" Erdody of Acid Witch, Failed, Harbinger, Temple of Void and formerly Borrowed Time, not to mention multiple members of Shitfucker, the band blends a rotten attitude with beats and riffs whose precursors date no later than 1983. The Shitfucker connection will please some, but those in search of a more prescient comparison should seek out last year's compilation of material by Detroit's Reaper, whose Aren "Redbird" Burthwick strums bass in both projects.

Predictably, the results are catchy, and the band knows it. Their self-titled LP posits that the band draws their name from a fictional and highly addictive street drug. D.A.R.E. never stood a chance against licks like this.

Nuke me baby.


Erdody had this to say about the songs on the album:
We didn't really want to get too in-depth with it. We'd kind of just want the listener to draw their own conclusions with the lyrics and influences.

"Nuke Me"
"Robocop 2"-meets-"Nuke 'Em High" in this fast, thrashing ripper.

"Metal Inferno"
Classic metal riffing sets the pace for this NWOBHM-inspired rocker.

Marching Undead"
A breakneck thrashing song that tells of a necromancer's spell that raises a legion of the undead.

A pumping, Motörhead style rocker with an extended melodic speed metal mid-section.

"Dead Space"
An extended melodic intro opens up into a pummeling speed metal track.

"Rip Ride"
The shortest song on the album. A no-frills ripper clocking in at under 3 minutes.

"The Queen"
English Dogs riffing with a melodic heavy metal mid-section and extended soloing.

"Flame of Desire"
A mid-paced tale of tribal sacrifice. Lots of galloping riffs.

"Murder Troops"
A legion of murderous maniacs set to the pace of punishing double bass and riffing in the vein of Running Wild and Accept.



Nuke will be released on July 22 via Hells Headbangers. Follow Nuke on Facebook.