It should come to no surprise that Novembers Doom, who ended their long-running contract with The End recently, have found a new label home at Prophecy Productions whose NYC fest the Chicago band are otherwise randomly co-headlining tonight (11/2).

Stay tuned for more news on the band's followup to 2017's Hamartia, but they say it is coming in 2019.

Ahead of this performance, we asked vocalist and founder Paul Kuhr what he's been listening to, and this is (the somewhat unexpected) list he sent back. Check it out:

1) Minus the Bear - Fair Enough
2) Dee Snider - For the Love of Metal
3) Greg Laswell - Next Time
4) A Perfect Circle - Eat the Elephant
5) Alice in Chains - Rainier Fog
6) Peter Gabriel - So
7) Without Waves - Lunar
8) Ajattara - Itse
9) Consider Suicide - Alltid Allena
10) Mors Subita - Human Waste Compression
11) There Moth and the Flame - Young and Unafriad

Stay tuned for a much longer interview we have with the band coming soon.

Novembers Doom's only two upcoming shows both happen to be sponsored by Invisible Oranges, and they are Prophecy Fest (tonight) and Forever Deaf Fest in Chicago in December.

So Hideous cancelled their set at Prophecy Fest, so the set times have changed a bit.

(updated set times)

Friday – 11/2
7:45-8:30 || Völur
8:50-9:35 || Xasthur – acoustic/unplugged
10-10:45 || Kayo Dot
11:15-End || Novembers Doom

Saturday – 11/3
7-7:30 || 1476
8-8:30 || Year of the Cobra
9-9:30 || Crowhurst
10-10:45 || Eye Of Nix (playing Black Somnia in full)
11:15-End || Alcest (playing Kodama plus a “best-of” set)

More info on both days HERE

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