Nott bring crushing death-doom from the Pacific Northwest by way of Romania and Alaska on their debut Hiraeth. The band’s relentless onslaught leaves no room for breaks, while the 7 tracks and nearly 40-minute runtime make for an intense listening experience. The tumultuous two-piece of Tyler Campbell (vocals/guitars) and Julia Geaman (drums) evoke the oppressive sounds of both Triptykon and Immolation, while the vocals shred with each successive decibel. They're able to conjure an uncomfortable atmosphere that becomes more real and fully realized with each successive pick scrape, bass drop and crushing set behind the battery. 

The album’s title Hiraeth comes from Welsh, but lacks a direct translation leading Campbell to refer to it as “the longing for what once was, and what you cannot go back to”; a fitting name for an album such as this. Today we bring to you the full album streaming a few days ahead of its release; get the full frenzied treatment as it is intended: in one bruising take. This album is not for the faint of heart and is best experienced within the confines of a cold, dark basement. 

Hiraeth releases August 18th via Silent Pendulum Records.