Yesterday, Terrorfest organizer David Rodgers revealed that Warning would headline the last day of Northwest Terror Fest, with support from Young and In the Way. Today we can confirm that those two bands will play a brief tour leading up to the fest. Alongside No Clean Singing, we can also reveal half of the full Northwest Terror Fest lineup, as well as some pre sale information.

The following bands will play Northwest Terror Fest.

Call of the Void
Denver metallic hardcore hooligans with hooky riffs and a stellar new EP with the title that best summed up 2016: Are You Fucking Kidding Me.

Cephalic Carnage
The self-styled 'Hydrogrind' band doesn't bring their prog-inflected and genre-bending style of death metal on the road anymore. They will perform the Halls of the Amenti EP in its entirety, as well as other songs of course, as a part of this headlining set.

Sacramento's foremost doom export already turned heads at other fests like Midnight Communion, and stands well poised to do so again.

This viscous Bostonian sludgy funeral doom outfit will play Northwest Terrorfest pursuant to a European tour with Ash Borer, Vanum, Lycus and Wolves in the Throne Room.

Representing the home team, the slowed-down metallic hardcore Heiress deliver features former Himsa frontman and local scene luminary John Pettibone.

King Woman
The dreamy Bay Area doom act's upcoming Relapse debut Created in the Image of Suffering will silence all doubts of this band's steamroller action.

Speaking of the aforementioned tour with Fórn, Californians Lycus will likewise celebrate their homecoming from Europe with a set of punishing funeral doom.

Migratory name notwithstanding, this LA hardcore outfit stands their ground and defends the D-beat with spitting, snarling fury.

Fuzzed our and raucous doom typifies this Rhode Island outfit, who are also overdue for some new material.

Take Over and Destroy
Maybe nobody stumped harder than me for Take Over and Destroy's self titled album from 2016. These death-and-roll cinemaphiles pack hook after hook after hook.

Virulent, and speed-obsessed, pacific northwest grind powerhouse Transient share a vocalist with Landmine Marathon.

If you don't know them by now, you will soon. The hooded musicians of Uada may be from Cascadia but their black metal owes more to Dissection than Weakling. Still a young band, they're already accustomed to playing legacy acts like Inquisition off of the stage.

Hiding Paceville three-ish hooks under walls of harsh distortion, Portland's Usnea play high caliber doom.

Already announced, but they bear repeating. Warning are one of the best doom bands full stop. Emotive and gorgeous, their masterpiece Watching from a Distance commands slavish devotion even though copies of the damn thing are almost impossible to find (there isn't even an official stream). Patrick Walker and co will play that piece in its entirety for probably the last time on US soil.

Young and in the Way
Keynote speakers in our Pacific Northwest symposium to offer an extensive lesson in violence. Their stage show is bloody like Gorgoroth, but their crowds go apeshit like Code Orange. Further, they wrote the song that sums up the political climate in three perfect words: "Fuck this Life".

A second round of bands, including a third headliner, will be announced soon.

Interested sponsors, volunteers and other parties can contact Joe Axler at joeaxler@gmail.com.

The three day music festival will be held in Seattle, Washington at Neumos and Barboza from June 15th through 17th. Late shows and after parties will be held at The Highline. There's already a Facebook event.

Pre sale tickets will be available on February 13 through the official Neumos website.

Follow Northwest Terror Fest on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.


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