Boston's Nomad Stones are fronted by Cave In guitarist Adam McGrath and that band's John-Robert Conners is on drums, and they're joined by Ed Szyska on bass. They're releasing their self-titled debut album on August 5 via Brutal Panda (pre-order), and we're premiering the track "Dead Batteries" from that album.

Nomad Stones may be 2/3 Cave In, but don't expect that band's frantic metalcore or spacey post-hardcore to appear here. "Dead Batteries" is straight-up punky rock and roll. It kicks off with a drum intro, then a pick scrape, then the driving power chords come in. It's a formula you've heard before, but Nomad Stones do it well. And it all really comes together in the chorus, when Adam brings his voice into the upper register and shouts "surrounded by dead batteries" over and over. It's a hook you'll pick up on right away, as you can hear for yourself below.

Another track from the album, "The Frugal Yankee" (which also begins with a drum intro and pick scrape), can also be streamed below.

Nomad Stones -- 2016 Tour Dates

7/10 - Brooklyn, NY - NIHIL GALLERY w/ Stephen Brodsky (Cave In, Mutoid Man), Dreamtigers
7/20 - Cambridge, MA - Lilypad w/ Department of Everything & GEPH
7/24 - Salem, MA - Koto w/ Chuck Mosely (Faith No More / Bad Brains)

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