Pictured: Ian MacKaye
Photo by Daigo Oliva
Text by Cosmo Lee

Speaking of getting annoyed by Ian MacKaye, Chunklet has posted a 45 minute compilation of Fugazi stage banter. I discovered this through the Deciblog, but, man, this stuff is still hot thirdhand.

I don't remember Fugazi being this annoying. Granted, I only saw them once a long time ago. All I remember was that it was unbearably hot yet awesome. And, granted, this is 45 minutes of pure, concentrated stage banter. In true Fugazi fashion, it's 45 minutes of Ian MacKaye and Guy Picciotto telling people not to mosh and threatening to refund their five dollar tickets. It all feels kind of uptight. You can't help wondering if after the 300th anti-mosh lecture, the band started shutting up and playing.

Metal bands telling me to mosh, punk bands telling me not to mosh: I don't know which is more annoying. Yet I've enjoyed this 45 minute slog more than most records I've heard recently. Someone should start a stage banter-only record label.