Full disclosure: on tour, my old band had the distinct pleasure of playing on a bill with Chattanooga, TN’s Night of the Wolf. Since we played to an empty room, I could say pretty much whatever I want. But truth be told, we got our asses handed to us that night. This five-piece plays the kind of un-hyphenated metal the world sorely needs right now. Not quite thrash or NWOBHM, and too gritty to be power metal, NOTW simply play metal: riffs, hooks, and solos. End of story.

Fuck Yeah (excerpt)
Bearpuncher (excerpt)

This is not the sound of 18 year-olds discovering Mercyful Fate for the first time. It’s more like 30 year-olds for whom Dio never went out of style, and who happen to play the shit out of their instruments. Songwriting and chops like these only come from true affection for and dedication to form. In a sea of smirking, reheated nostalgia, NOTW stand out. I won’t waste time searching for synonyms for “breathes new life into a classic sound.” This is a band I’d stake my reputation on.

— Francesco Ferorelli