by Cosmo Lee

For, I've done a brief interview with Nick Cave (part 1, part 2). If I looked uncomfortable, I was. Try sitting for half an hour under blindingly bright lights on a loveseat with your body facing a camera but your head twisted towards a rock star for whom any time is too early. That sated my rock star appetite for a while.

Tupelo (Nick Cave)
Tupelo (Sikth)

As far as I know, metal bands have covered Nick Cave twice. On Garage Inc., Metallica attempted "Loverman" from 1994's Let Love In. We will speak no more of that. Better is Sikth's faithful take on "Tupelo," from 1985's The Firstborn Is Dead, my favorite Nick Cave record. He revisited its haunted, rain-soaked atmosphere (and the record's title concept) in his 1989 novel And the Ass Saw the Angel. The book is good, often great, but overlong. As Cave explains in the interview, it went to print completely unedited. Evidently, an edited version is due out sometime. I'll recommend that highly in advance.