Why doesn't anyone tell me this stuff??? Wino has a ton of projects going on, but I hear about them in drips and drabs. So I've collected what I can find and put it all in one place: here.

— Cosmo Lee

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Saint Vitus

Some were fortunate enough to catch the reunited Wino-era lineup live this year. Material from these shows will appear on the band's next release, a colored vinyl 7" on Volcom Entertainment Vinyl Club (an old-school-style singles club). See story here and ordering info here.


Shrinebuilder tour the EU for three weeks in November. See dates here, and my review of their first show here. If they were that good then, they're probably unstoppable now.

Wino electric

Roadburn has put out a CD of Wino's set at the festival last year. His band had Jon Blank (RIP) on bass and Clutch's Jean-Paul Gaster on drums. The CD packaging is pretty, and you can hear the cookin' first track below. (Gaster sounds fantastic.) See details here and ordering info here. At the moment, it's out in Europe only, but Amazon US lists an import release date of September 21. Vinyl will come later this year.

"The Woman in the Orange Pants / Punctuated Equilibrium"

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Wino acoustic

This is the big story for me. Exile on Mainstream, a German label, is putting out Wino's new acoustic album, Adrift. It had better make it over here to North America! The European release date looks like it's October 13 (pre-order CD and LP here), but a special tour edition in a wooden box (limited to 200) is already available here (see larger photo here). And there's already a review up here! I love the one song, "Hold On Love", that the label graciously offered to us to stream. You can hear it below. Even on acoustic guitar, Wino brings the power of the riff.

"Hold On Love"

Wino live

Wino just started a six-week EU tour for his solo acoustic act. Drone act Darsombra (whom I highly recommend) and Conny Ochs support. Below are the dates. "Premonition" is Wino's new jam band, which includes Darsombra's Brian Daniloski on bass. (See story here). I haven't seen these dates posted much, which is a shame, since Darsombra and solo Wino sets would make for a great evening. If you can attend, you're in for a treat.

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European Tour 2010

SEPT 7 DENMARK Helsingor @ Elvaerket (w/ Premonition)
SEPT 8 DENMARK Copenhagen @ Loppen (w/ Premonition)
SEPT 9 GERMANY Rostock @ MAU Club (w/ Premonition)
SEPT 10 GERMANY Berlin @ Schokoladen (w/ Premonition)
SEPT 11 GERMANY Dresden @ Sweetwater Record Store (early show - Wino only)
SEPT 11 GERMANY Dresden @ Beatpol (late show w/ Premonition)
SEPT 12 GERMANY Hamburg @ Hafenklang (w/ Premonition)
SEPT 13 GERMANY Jena @ Rosenkeller (w/ Premonition)
SEPT 14 GERMANY Erfurt @ Woodstock Records (Wino only)
SEPT 15 GERMANY Munster @ Gleis 22 (w/ Premonition)
SEPT 16 GERMANY Iserlohn @ Dechenhoehle
SEPT 18 NETHERLANDS Tilburg @ Incubate Festival
SEPT 19 NETHERLANDS Tilburg @ Incubate Festival (Premonition)
SEPT 20 FRANCE - tba
SEPT 21 SWITZERLAND Zurich @ Mascotte
SEPT 22 SWITZERLAND Lausanne @ Cinema Le Bourg
SEPT 23 SWITZERLAND Bern @ Rossli (no Conny Ochs)
SEPT 24 ITALY Bologna @ Nuovo Lazzaretto (no Conny Ochs)
SEPT 25 ITALY Mezzago (Milano) @ Bloom (no Conny Ochs)
SEPT 26 ITALY Montebelluna @ Osteria Tocchetto (no Conny Ochs)
SEPT 28 GERMANY Munich @ Feierwerk
SEPT 29 AUSTRIA Salzburg/Abtenau @ Neudegg Alm
SEPT 30 AUSTRIA Vienna @ Szene
OCT 1 CZECH REPUBLIC Prague @ Studio Rubin
OCT 2 GERMANY Leipzig @ UT Connewitz
OCT 4 GERMANY Potsdam @ Kuze
OCT 5 GERMANY Halle/ Saale @ 2 Zimmer Kuche Bar
OCT 6 GERMANY Furth @ Babylon
OCT 7 GERMANY Wurzburg @ Cafe Cairo
OCT 8 GERMANY Cologne @ Christuskirche
OCT 10 BELGIUM Leuven @ Sojo
OCT 12 GREECE Athens @ An Club (no Conny Ochs)
OCT 14 UK Bristol @ The Croft
OCT 15 UK Manchester @ Star & Garter
OCT 16 UK Glasgow - tba
OCT 17 UK London @ Borderline

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