Morbid Angel - "Existo Vulgoré"

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Up for a day, and already over 300 comments and 22K+ views! People are excited to hear Morbid Angel's new music. I know I am. Beyond the usual TMZ-level commentary on the band (fat singer in vinyl shirts, fill-in drummer not the real drummer), I eagerly anticipate what Morbid Angel the entity will bring. That entity has been a part of my life ever since I first heard Covenant on cassette tape. I totally didn't get it then. I totally get it now.

Actually, I don't know if anyone will ever get Morbid Angel completely. Different humans - singers, guitarists, producers - in different configurations have tried to capture the force that is Morbid Angel. Given that every Morbid Angel record sounds drastically different, and also "bad" in some way (too clean, too murky, too strong, too weak), the force that is Morbid Angel has yet to be bottled correctly. It's a rich harvest from the grapes of wrath (and/or Tony Robbins, in Trey Azagthoth's case), and it goes straight to the head. But, man, does it get funky in any barrel.

So here comes a bottling that, ironically, plays it straight. Morbid Angel sounds like Morbid Angel - tunneling riffs, kick drums like chopper blades. The production is straight up the middle for 2011. It's a little dirty, but intelligible and over-compressed. The mix sets David Vincent's voice to "yell-y". It's all OK. Maybe that's good; maybe that's bad. You want "your" band not to pull any nasty surprises, but you want it to provide "new" material. You want more of the same, just different. You are why old men keep wheeling out their song and dance, even when it's 20 years old.

Or maybe you are why old men reach inside themselves again to awaken the force within. Maybe.

— Cosmo Lee

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Illud Divinum Insanus comes out June 6 in Europe and June 7 in North America.

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