Hacavitz have new music! Their album Metztli Obscura comes out June 22 on Moribund. The label has posted two clips from the record. (See above.) They promise great things. The recording sounds natural, and those trademark upper string jangles are as firing as ever. (Brown Jenkins comes to mind.) It's been three years since the last record, so I eagerly await ths one.

Despite currently having 1254 bands, according to metal-archives.com, Mexico remains a metal mystery to me. I only know of a few bands: Hacavitz, Disgorge (Mex), Funereal Moon, Infinitum Obscure. (Brujeria don't count, as they have an international lineup.) It seems that a country that's 89% Roman Catholic and so plagued by violence would yield great metal bands.

What are other Mexican bands worth checking out?

— Cosmo Lee