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Usually when I post about a band, my desire (other than presenting a decent post) is that you buy their music. ("Actionable" is the word I constantly keep in mind.) But Dysrhythmia are between records, their new one likely won't come until next year, and their members are busy with other projects. Guitarist Kevin Hufnagel and bassist Colin Marston are playing in Gorguts, and drummer Jeff Eber is probably busy with his avant-jazz group Zevious.

So the action here is just to enjoy the above video. It's of Dysrhythmia playing two new songs with sharp minds and sharp chops. The footage has very high video and audio quality. Dig Marston's Anacrusis shirt; while Dysrhythmia aren't a thrash band, spiritually they're descended from the progressive spirit of "techno-thrash" bands like Anacrusis. I'm talking about new sounds, new ideas, and looking forward. You can't put Dysrhythmia into a box; they sound like Dysrhythmia, and that's it. Their individualism remains criminally under-appreciated to this day.

Actually, yes, do buy their music. 2009's Psychic Maps was solid, but 2006's Barriers and Passages was fantastic - deep, dark, angular, abstract. The whole catalogue will hold up over time, but if you must start somewhere, start with Barriers and Passages.

Also, another action is to get ready for the next post ;)

— Cosmo Lee

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