Norway/Britain's Code are a deeply underrated band, but in a sense, it's for good reason. Both Noveau Gloaming and Resplendent Grotesque are borderline masterpieces, but they came out four years apart and with minimal tour support. After the latter's 2009 release, the band lost their incredibly talented vocalist Kvohst, who is now focusing on his non-metal projects Beastmilk and Hexvessel. Shitty luck.

Not all is lost for Code, though. They posted a teaser video for the upcoming Augur Nox a few weeks back (does anybody actually like those things?), which was promising but tough to follow. "Glimlight Tourist," which is streaming above, marks the first full-song debut from the album. Kvohst is a unique talent, and he's a tough act to follow for new singer Wacian. Still, the latter does a fine job here. The tune itself is also killer; there's no mistaking Aort's riffage in this band, and he's in rare form on this one. (The Indesinence album he played on last year was also great.)

I'll be writing about this album in more depth some time in the next few weeks, but for now, you can preorder Augur Nox, which comes out on November 29th, from Agonia Records.

— Doug Moore


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