The legendary art-doom outfit Neurosis are getting closer to the release of their hotly-anticipated new album Fires Within Fires, and now they've shared a bunch of snippets of new material from that album, which drops on September 23 via Neurot.

The new video they've shared features some up-close nature filmmaking that invokes the primordial fury of Neurosis's sound, along with segments of songs that whet the appetite nicely for this thing. Showcasing the legendary range and breadth of Neurosis's sonic reach, we get a whole gamut of sounds while still obviously not getting the satisfaction of hearing even a full song. It probably isn't even worth saying, but we're excited for this album.

Neurosis are on tour in Europe, and we're waiting with bated breath to hear if they announce North American dates. Until then, check out the new Fires Within Fires video below.

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