There's a certain gravitas to Nebula's stoner rock that makes it timeless: timeless, in the sense that it never goes out of style. Their last release Holy Shit could have been plucked from the early days of stoner rock and been a standout there, and their upcoming album Transmission from Mothership Earth jams just as hard. The album ebbs and flows with a laconic, single-minded confidence that's kind of a throwback in itself--this was written with the mindset that all that's really needed in rock are good riffs and the right mood, trends and competition be damned. And, fortunately, that's true--Nebula's combination of intergalactic atmosphere and down-to-earth, cruising-on-the-blacktop attitude shines.

On this new album, featuring the same lineup as 2019's Holy Shit, Nebula unleashes immaculate, free-floating grooves that soar through the cosmos propelled by good vibes and copious fuzz pedals. Each song is a riff-focused meditation, but the power trio's beefy rhythm section keeps heads nodding and toes tapping throughout while far-out vocals billow through the red-hot atmosphere like desert wind. It all feels unusually permanent--Nebula carry on the honored traditions of a genre birthed in the hot sun, carving their songs from weather-proof stone.

Listen to the first single, "Highwired," below.



Transmission from Mothership Earth releases July 22nd via Heavy Psych Sounds.

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