Back in July Nails abruptly pulled the plug on a UK tour with little public announcement as to whether they were breaking up, going on hiatus, or simply hampered by scheduling. This turned out to be a pretty cagey act of mystique building. Leaving their UK fans hanging might have been a bit of a dick move, but it did keep them in the news cycle and had plenty of bloggers, myself including, speculating about their future.

As it turns out, I overthought the whole affair my a wide margin. Nails didn't die an unsilent death, in fact they didn't die a death at all! Instead they just announced a new tour with Gatecreeper and Toxic Holocaust. You may have caught Toxic Holocaust opening for Discharge and Eyehategod earlier this year, and Gatecreeper have been equally busy since the release of their new album Sonoran Depravation. I still stand by what I said about Nails' legacy, but a bill like this is hard to argue against.

Check out the dates below:

3/16 - Orlando, FL
3/17 - Atlanta, GA
3/18 - Durham, NC
3/19 - Washington, DC
3/20 - Richmond, VA
3/21 - Philidelphia, PA
3/22 - New York City, NY
3/23 - Boston, MA
3/24 - Montreal
3/25 - Toronto
3/26 - Detroit, MI
3/27 - Columbus, OH
3/28 - Chicago, IL
3/29 - Seattle, WA
3/30 - Portland, OR
3/31 - Oakland, CA

This post has been updated with a correction. There is no Los Angeles date on the tour that has been announced thus far - Ed.


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