Although Ohio-based Mutilatred adopt the jagged lines and gory aesthetics common to their brutal death metal peers, their song topics steer away from grindhouse-style intentional torture and violence towards the (perhaps even more depressing) agonies and injuries of everyday life. While just as sickening as any scenario extracted from a medical textbook or horror novel, their brand of agony resonates on a more personal level. After all, why invent fantastic tales of murder when everday suffering does the trick? On their new single "Everyone's Doing Shitty," taken from the upcoming Determined to Rot, Mutilatred violently frame up an increasingly true sentiment: shit just kind of sucks right now. Embrace the misery with our exclusive premiere below.



Mutilatred's murky guitar tones and suffocating production indelicately illustrate their point, blasting through eardrums and into the expectant gray matter within. While 'brutal death metal' is a full-fledged genre that comes with conventions and willing adherents, Mutilatred's unrelenting density truly is brutal, fulfilling every sense of the adjective while breaching into other subgenres' territories. During the two minutes that comprise "Everyone's Doing Shitty," things are perhaps slightly less shitty—the bludgeoning riffs within don't leave a whole lot of room for introspection.

The band comments:

While writing lyrics for Mutilatred, we keep to our original focus/topic of losing people you care about to things like hard drugs. For this song “Everyone’s Doing Shitty”, it comes from the same place, but expands on it.

We wrote this album during the pandemic, and we were certainly influenced by everything we all went through. And I’m not talking about not being able to go out (during quarantine), but all the serious tragedy and death we’ve all experienced. I’ve known way too many people who have passed away recently, and not just from COVID. The depression that comes along with that and the uncertainty of the future can be a lot to deal with internally. To be honest, I don’t know what do about any of this, but writing about the topic as well as being creative and writing heavy engaging music sure helps. There’s not a single person who isn’t dealing with some sort of loss especially lately.


Determined to Rot releases May 13th via Redefining Darkness Records.

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