Nothing Will Belong to Us is a work of space and echoes. Silence–or something close to it–is an equal contributor to Mouth Wound's new album as much as the unsettling analogue synthesizers and sparse instrumental layers that glide and scrape against project mastermind Trine Paaschburg's voice. It's the lulls and quiet in this album that provokes the most tension, uneasy truces that always collapse back into new, fascinating, and sometimes frightening soundscapes.

Paaschburg wields her vocals as a texture and as a lead instrument: though lyrics feature heavily in the album, they're always veiled behind droning backing. It's as if Paaschburg is shrouded, a comparison that resonates with the album's haunting atmosphere. It's not all suspense and anticipation, though: distorted screams, still eerily distant from the listener, blend with harsher synthesizer textures to fuel cathartic peaks across the album. When experienced as a single, continuous listen, Nothing Will Belong To Us feels like the soundtrack to a dark, brooding horror film that manages to unsettle its audience in new, unfamiliar ways. That said, fear is not the objective here as much as simply disrupting perception. It's an evocative, discomforting experience that resonates with the deep, silent corners of our brains.

Stream the whole thing here before it releases on the 27th.



Trine adds:

Nothing Will Belong To Us Is the result of gathering material of the last two years from live sets and field recordings merged with structured ideas. I wanted to explore the properties of harmonics and noise, to pit it against melodic elements and the possibilities of the expanded voice.

To me, the album is related to existential unease and desire. It is a balancing act between an inherent drive to find meaning, and the hope that its absence can either be seen as perpetual possibility or has to be accepted on its own in some way.

It is not a deliberate concept, it is more of an attempt to express whatever occurs naturally between those stages.

I think there is a lot of potential in the feeling of absence/ ‘nothing’. And it belongs to us interchangeably in the form of anger, grief, contentment, calm or quiet desperation.


Nothing Will Belong to Us will release April 27th via Brucia Records.

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