I'm a sucker for a good compilation. There's something about hearing the progression of a band, even in a short window of time, that's just so intriguing. So, it's not at all surprising that I immediately fell in love with the Canadian duo Fumes' new compilation Assemblage of Disgust, which examines the band's two 2020 demos Within Mental Ruins and Towards Degradation on top of a brand new song called "Drain the Ichor".



Fumes covers a lot of ground within the five songs on Assemblage of Disgust. The tracks off their debut demo Within Mental Ruins showcase a more straightforward death metal approach in the vein of Ulcerate, while Towards Degradation's material feels like Fumes grew tentacles and reached out into the skronky world of bands like Gorguts. Right in the middle of the compilation is "Drain the Ichor", whose runtime encompasses everything Fumes had done across the first two demos, along with cleaner and more atmospheric sections that would feel right at home in a Mournful Congregation track.

"I have a ton of influences but the main ones during the writing process were Gorguts, Wormed, Morbid Angel, and Artificial Brain," said multi-instrumentalist Daniel Bonofiglio about his writing style across all five songs.

Through all the different moods and styles Fumes weaves into their sound, the duo said “Surfeit of Rancor” is their favorite track. "'Surfeit of Rancor' because I really enjoy the interplay between the two guitars," he said. "I think it’s a great representation of the sound of Fumes."

Despite the deluge of new material Fumes has been releasing, the duo is working on a full-length record hopefully due out this August or September. Bonofiglio said they've just wrapped up writing the first new song for the release.


Assemblage of Disgust is available digitally and on CD through Morbid Chapel Records. Fumes is also planning a special cassette version of the compilation, with different artwork and potentially another new track.

I also encourage everyone to check out Fumes’ split with Thorns via Life After Death, whose two tracks were not included on Assemblage of Disgust.

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