From the depths of St. Louis, Missouri and New York comes the filthy blackened death metal duo Impure. The band, consisting of drummer and vocalist Horned Father Of Desecreation alongside guitarist and bassist Satyrannical Lord Of Assault, just released their brand new 7" The Carrion Feast. Clocking in at around seven minutes, The Carrion Feast furiously summons all the ills of the world and makes an admirable attempt at extinguishing all life. In other words, it'll crush you.

Read below for an interview with the band.



Tell me a little about The Carrion Feast. How long was that in the works?

Satyrannical Lord of Assault: We started rehearsing these two songs in September 2020 and went into Firebrand Recording in St. Louis at the end of the month. Additional tracking took place at Artifact Audio in Queens in October and was mixed a few days after that. From tracking to mastering, it took about six days to finish.

Both the Horned Father Of Desecration and myself work in an extremely fast and productive pace since we both live in two different states and now with the pandemic, we don't get together as often, so we have to make every day count. We've known each other for over half our lives and that helps a lot, too.

Who were your main influences while you were writing The Carrion Feast?

SLoA: I think it's pretty clear from the title track that we've delved into more of a "death metal" feeling while "Into Cataclysm" has what would be the "classic" Impure sound. There wasn't a different set of influences for this single; Impure has always been about channeling everything we're into, both musically and otherwise, through our own personal filters. These two songs were simply what we were feeling at the time.

What are the lyrical themes on The Carrion Feast?

Horned Father of Desecreation: "The Carrion Feast" was inspired by the Czech film Witchhammer and details the carnal Satanic rites which the witch hunting Inquisitor accused innocent women of performing. The film was based on real witch trials in 17th century Northern Moravia, so the gruesome accusations and torture were hardly sensationalized for the movie. Perverted accusations and deeds borne from the perverted minds of the righteous. "Into Cataclysm" is about a malevolent singularity that can devour all of God's creations, including the heavens themselves.

Conceptually it alludes to the incompatibility of religion's abstractions of nature and creation with the unsympathetic scientific laws which actually govern our behavior. In this song, beauty, divinity, and the fabric of time & space must reckon with the most unforgiving, indomitable force in the universe: the pull of a black hole.

What's your favorite song (most fun to play, most proud of, etc.) off The Carrion Feast?

SLoA : It may sound cliche but I can't choose a "favorite." Both songs give off different energies. With that said, only "The Carrion Feast" will be featured in our future setlist so it's been refreshing to play it these days.

What's your plan for 2021?

SLoA :We're starting to get work done for the second album, which will take up the rest of the year. We've been offered some shows for the fall, which we hope will happen, but the next album is our priority.


Check out Impure on Bandcamp here, and follow them on both their website and their Instagram page.

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