Moss make every strike count. Usually they do this with variation that comes only every few minutes. With conservative speed limits, Moss eliminate hopes for standard song structure. This 40-minute EP smells and sticks like weed and mold. But drone not-from-concentrate didn’t travel this far on previous releases. This sound is more fluid. Dominic Finbow excites with riffs this time, exceptional progress from the expected three-chord pulse. Chris Chantler strains his snare with heavyweight pummelings. Olly Pearson livens words with screams that test each song’s length.

Skeletal Keys (excerpt)
Eternal Return (excerpt)

The narrative is about ancient Hashashins in Amando de Ossorio fashion, some of Pearson’s favorite things. Cthonic Rites hummed a handful of chords and Sub Templum wavered beneath occult innuendo. Tombs of the Blind Drugged (Rise Above/Metal Blade, 2009) speaks a more universal tongue. This is music, not just notes. “Skeletal Keys” stomps with heavy feet. Guitars ascend like cold breath, never letting chords linger for more than several seconds. “Eternal Return” sways up and down among feedback and harsh percussion. The new face is uplifting for this drone doom trio, yet is foreboding in the background. Lovecraft would be proud.

– Jess Blumensheid

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