When I last discussed Mortal Vision, we found them executing exquisitely old-school death thrash on their debut album Mind Manipulation. The Ukrainian band is back this year with a new single, and I'll note two things about it to start us off here: one, the single's art gets intriguingly close, but not lawsuit-close, to Master of Puppets, and two, more importantly, it's a goddamn ripper. Listen below:


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Banging along at a breakneck pace and staying delightfully on the razor's edge of falling apart, "Body Without Bones" pulls out one vicious, acrobatic riff after another without feeling like a direct imitation of anything the late 1980s had to offer. It's just creative heavy metal that taps into that fleeting period where death metal and thrash metal didn't sound all too dissimilar. Don't expect verse-chorus mediocrity here, as Mortal Vision is continuously unafraid of trying new stuff out mid-track. Hit this, and then hit Mind Manipulation if you missed it.

The band comments:

"Your words are nothing they want only you to serve 

Empty-headed hand puppet you’ll get what you deserve"

This song is dedicated to those individuals who have no opinion, no position, no respect for anything. Those who waste their own and other people’s time, while causing trouble and damage due to their indifference and amoebic behavior. We hate them.


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