As Tom Waits once so eloquently stated, "misery is the river of the world," and it certainly has become the law of the land. We are all crushed by existential angst, anxiety, worry - in turn, how can we find solace in anything even remotely positive or happy? Catharsis in catchy, poppy music seems reckless. Operating on two sides of the apocalyptic, stylistic coin are Black Urn and Moros, two Philadelphia-based sludge/doom metal bands who are here to remind you that maybe nothing will actually ever be okay. Pitting Black Urn's mournful, albeit stylistically grounded sound (re: the occasional Sabbath-inspired riff) against Moros's own blown-out Grief, we, the listeners, find ourselves crushed under the collective weight of these four tracks. Nothing is fine.

Moros and Black Urn's split will see an unlikely Monday release, because we all hate Mondays, and can be purchased from either band at their Bandcamp links below, where you can also hear an exclusive premiere of the split in its entirety.


From the bands:

"Cynical world view, calls for violence, drug benders."

-J. Dost, Moros

"It's my imperfect, contradictory, 2Pacish circa-1996 view of how we've gotten to this place we are and where we are going as the human race."

-J. Jones, Black Urn



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