In case you didn't read our epic interview with guitarist and vocalist Richie "Klauf" Klaus, Morgul Blade is a new favorite here at Invisible Oranges, wielding their blackened "true metal" and running directly into tragic battle and a fate unknown.

Morgul Blade is playing Saint Vitus with Burning Wind, High Command, and Shadowland in New York City on Saturday, March 19th and we're partnering with the venue to give away five pairs of tickets to the show.

How can you win these tickets? Email your answer to the question below (and your name) to by 7:30 PM ET Friday night (the 18th). Five lucky winners will be chosen at random using an Internet list randomizer (which will be run five times to really mix everything up). Only correct answers will be considered!

The trivia question:

What is the name of the great spider in J.R.R. Tolkien's The Silmarillion?



For those who miss out, you can still buy tickets for $13.12 (nice) here.

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