For every intact dimension of our lives, there seems to be another one shattered, fragmented, or otherwise rendered incapable of performing its usual task. At least to me, that's where an album like Who Are You? comes in: right at that sticking-point nexus between "am I here?" or "am I gone?" -- it's a liminal place, where the traditional rules of music still apply but simply no longer matter. Solo artist Moonlow takes experimentalism to its maximum, offering vivid soundscapes dressed as ambiance with one sole purpose: transport you away from flesh-vision and toward a realer mind-vision.

To do that, Who Are You? offers ten songs with varying degrees of abstraction -- from quite abstract to "what is this" abstract -- spreading its dynamics over fields ever-shifting and always-changing. Each listen, actually, feels relatively fresh and new in this way, because the mind has trouble landmarking certain points with music like this -- it's more of a stream rather than a set of goals or accomplishments. And, too, our lives can be described in terms of momentum, just like Who Are You? waxes and wanes across the derelict skies of your mind and heart.

Check out a full stream of Who Are You? below prior to Friday's release.



Who Are You? releases this Friday, October 16th, via Trepanation Recordings.

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