The veil separating black metal and harsh noise has always been thin. Its origins are organic and somewhat naive in nature: due to the budget constraints and the inexperience of those recording it you would get a lot of harsh and primitive recordings. Fast forward a few decades and you now have projects that combine the two with deadly purpose to create a simultaneously challenging and antagonistic listening experience. Greece’s Μνήμα (otherwise known as Mnima) is one such practitioner of this art.

In just a few short years of existence, Μνήμα has curated an impressive discography of demos, splits, and EPs of black noise mixed with sincerely unnerving ambient interludes, culminating in Disciples of Excremental Liturgies, the project’s debut full length which will see release through Belgian label Phantom Lure in 2022, initially on CD.

Disciples of Excremental Liturgies is six tracks of ghastly existential terror put to tape. Abrasive, aggressive and yet sorrowful without the genre-trapping of self pity, Μνήμα take the listener on a journey through a fog of agony and confusion set in a recording that lives in the juxtaposition of feeling decades old yet extremely fresh.

We present to you the song for which the album is named after, "Disciples of Excremental Liturgies": three minutes of harsh yet spiritually triumphant black metal that brings to mind the mid 90’s black metal tape trading underground if there was a power electronics level of distortion on every aspect of those recordings. Punishing and exhilarating, this track is a good representation of the six songs contained within this full length and is, for me, the first vital black metal record of 2022. Hail the new for the ancient lives again!

--Neill Jameson



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Disciples of Excremental Liturgies releases this coming February on Phantom Lure.


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